Double Domme

Myself and Mistress Sin are back at it this week. Since offering Our amazing doubles again We have been in demand in a big way. We have reconnected with some old faces, and some new ones! It’s been like the old days and we’ve enjoyed humiliating Our victims, all over again!!!!

Myself and Mistress Salome Sin go way back- in fact nearly a decade if you can believe that! We trained together at bury dungeon back in 2011, that’s where We learned the principles and techniques that are still the foundations of Our skills as pro Dominas. We learned Our techniques together, and because of this We have an amazing bond and chemistry in session. We know what the other is thinking with just a glance, this renders you lot at a total loss in Our company…….. You have no chance, We easily manipulate and play with you, like cats with a mouse!

We specialise in extended humiliation and degradation type sessions. As We session from private chambers We are able to offer quite reasonable rates, as We have no overheads. Below is a loose list of some of the sessions We offer. If you have something else in mind just contact Us for prices and availability.

We offer a wide range of session types from standard doubles to extended sessions. We are available from 11am onwards 7 days a week , including weekends. If you would like to book send an application via email or for quick questions or to check last min availiblity text or whatsapp Me.


Whatsapp or text: 07376 059155


These prices are for standard double domination sessions and are not the same as Our extended sessions.


A standard hour is a great introduction for subs who haven’t done a double before.


An hour and a half can work as an introduction if you are sure about the type of fetishes you want to explore. £320


Two hours is an intense session that is best suited to those that have some fetish experience. £400


A three hour session is recommended for those of you who know Us well and have had a session with both Myself and Mistress sin before. £560


These prices are for extended sessions in which We offer an intermittent session type, this means that We come in and out at irregular intervals. However, you are very closely monitored and We do provide everyone with a safe word.


Do you deserve to be used, abused and degraded? The ultimate degradation session is to become Our human toilet! We stay very hydrated so expect to be used every 10 mins. We will tie you to Our commode and like the filthy toilet slave you are you will drink every drop!

2 hours WS £200

3 hours WS £300

4 hours WS £400


Do you enjoy the thrill of being locked away and not knowing when your Mistresses are coming back to torment you? We can cage you, put you in Our leather body bag or We can wrap you up like a mummy. This session can also include sensory deprivation, CBT, electrics, verbal abuse/humiliation) 

3 hours in bondage £390

6 hours in bondage £600


We will dress you up as Our PVC maid, fully feminized from underwear/maid outfit/high heels to wig/makeup. Once dressed you will do chores for Us as We see fit and of course, We will humiliate and torment you throughout!  (includes maid dress up, cleaning, serving & play)

2 hours as Our sissy maid £280

4 hours as Our sissy maid £480

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