Christmas Availability

Right then losers, want to get booked in before Christmas?

This week is your last chance. I am available for solo sessions, extended sessions and doubles ( with Mistress Salome Sin) this week until Sunday the 22nd December.

I was fully booked last week, so if you struggled to get a slot this week is your last chance.

I am available most day’s between 10am- 6pm. I get booked up fast due to My high number of regular slaves. However if you send a well thought out email or text I may be able to fit you in.

I prefer subs contact Me in writing before calling. That way it gives Me time to consider your request before replying. Below are a few special Christmas offers. However, regular sessions are also available. The most popular session is an hour long and the tribute is £150.

I session from My own private play space which is equipped with, St Andrews cross, spanking bench, medical bench, a dog cage, amongst various instruments used to torture, restrain and titivate!

Sissy maid training- £150 for 2 hours– This will include cleaning, serving drinks and general servitude. However, if I don’t feel you have performed well you will be punished in a way that is within your limits, but that still pushes you to do better next time! This type of session can also be done a double- contact Me for double tribute.

WS and bondage session- £150 for 2 hours- You will be shackled or mummified and used intermittently every 15 mins or so…. AND as always I will also tease you with in your limits.

Bondage and cage session- £150 for 2 hours– You will be put in My dog cage and every 15 mins or so I will come in and put you through your paces in a way that includes your fetishes and limits. To add 30 min intense play at the end of this session it is £50 extra. This type of session works perfectly as a double because it is both humiliating and degrading- contact Me for double tribute.

foot fetish /boot worship/ shoe worship- £80 for 30 mins. You will get to worship My feet, shoes, boots or all three! If you would like My feet to be smelly and sweaty I will need a few hours notice.

To book it is best to text: 07376059155 or email:

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