I am a Mistress through and through!

Hello loser boys,

Firstly, I would like to say that It really is a pleasure to be back! I have missed you pathetic losers like you wouldn’t believe- but not so much, that I won’t make your life hell!

Today, I want to talk about My style and who I am as a Domme. This blog serves as a reminder for those of you who know Me, and as an introduction for those of you who don’t.

One of My favourite activities is toilet training (HS and WS) and that is because I love, love, love to degrade and humiliate! I always enjoy thinking up new and creative ways to humiliate and degrade, the messier the better!!!!

I also enjoy a simple tie and tease session, I think they are totally underrated in this age of extremity. If the Mistress knows what she’s doing, she can really claw her way in to the subs mind and that can evoke a real powerful dynamic between Mistress and slave.

I have lots of fun in double Domme sessions with Mistress Salome Sin, We both enjoy foot fetish, boot worship and general worship- I mean come on, who doesn’t love to be worshiped along side her girl friend!

Make no mistake, I’m a sick lady and a sadist to boot! Having said that, I am old school and highly trained in the art of BDSM and that’s where the control kicks in for Me. I love to have fun and push things as far a possible. However, I always have My slaves safety in the forefront of My mind and that level of responsibility comes with years of experience in real time sessions.

As a 33 year old Mistress, I am still fairly young, but I am an expert in the art of domination and there isn’t much I haven’t tried or come across in the 8 years that I have been around. I ran My own dungeon for over 3 years and I had a fairly impressive stable of slaves… even over the couple of years I was out of the lime light there were a handful of loyal slaves that I held sessions with. I really am a true Mistress through and through and I take the Mistress/slave relationship very seriously.

The good news is that I am ready to take on new slaves, both long term and casual. However, I don’t just want anyone! I am looking for true subs who can enhance My life and who want to session in real time- Online relationships don’t interest Me in any way shape or form.

I DEMNAD total respect and above all I DEMAND reliability from My slaves because believe Me, I AM THE REAL DEAL!

Think you can cut the mustard?

Call: 07376 059155
Email: mistressvictoriamcr@gmail.com

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