Hello Losers,

I take it you’ve missed Me?! Ummm, it has been quite a while….. One thing is for sure though, I haven’t changed one bit! I am still cruel and lovely, your favourite worse nightmare, My image is imprinted in your mind, once there, always there bitches!!!!

Down to business- Why am I back? Am I back for good?

Who knows!? I guess if I’m honest (and I am always ruthlessly honest) I missed the buzz! As for the second question, I’m back for now and that’s all that you need to know.

Nothing much has changed in terms of My likes and dislikes, for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Me, I like to play games, I’m a real head worker and I am a seasoned Domme, with over 8 years experience in the art of domination. I enjoy degradation, humiliation and I like to tease and taunt My victims in to total mind fuckery! hahaha

Wondering what to do next? I will be holding sessions from the Manchester area. As always, I will be working from My own premises which has great parking and is located in a discreet location. book a session please call or text Me on:- 07376 059155

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